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Wash It Australia Mobile Truck washing offers a unique environmentally friendly washing service. It is a complete mobile washing system, offering supreme convenience. We come to your address at a time and place that suits you. We can recycle the water at your request allowing every vehicle to be cleaned prior to leaving the depot. Some of the unique features include:


  • Environmental mat prevents water escaping to storm water drains


  • Fully self-contained unit that supplies its own power, chemicals, labour and reclaim system (leaving a clean site on departure)


  • Operating 24 hours, 7 days a week to suit your requirements


  • Service includes hand wash, degreasing, bug removal, chassis/trailer support washing and Free tyre shine for all prime movers


  • Mini detail*
  • Metal polishing*

*(available on request. Bookings essential)

Our commitment to cleaning food industry trucks

We are committed to providing truck wash services which are rated as the best practice for the food industry, meeting food safety requirements for vehicles that transport food. This includes an interior wash and sanitise procedure which is washing of the roof, walls and floor brushed with sanafoam foaming sanitiser (AQIS approval number IOA8291), followed by high pressure (3000psi) cold water rinse, final spray with sanafoam sanitiser, air dried. The service will result in vehicle interiors which are free from dirt, oily or odorous materials, dangerous chemicals, glass fragments, metal fragments, plastic fragments, wood, rust flakes, rocks, paper, cloth, insects, insect parts, rodents, birds, droppings, hair, fur and feathers and other forms of extraneous matter.

Wash it Australia - Fleet Vehicles Wash it Australia - Fleet Vehicles Fleet Vehicles

Contact one of our friendly staff members at Wash It Pty Ltd today to organise a quote. Phone: 1300WASHIT or email [email protected]

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Wash it Australia cleans prime movers, trailer, tankers, rigids, truck & dogs, bus/coach, containers, forklifts, motor homes